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Labradorite Tower

Image of Labradorite Tower

Labradorite Tower

♥ Stone of new beginnings. When you are ready to unleash your limitless potential, connect with a Labradorite Point. The flashes of light within this dark stone will show you all that is possible for you. Use this stone to bring out your hidden talents and full capabilities.
With brilliant rainbow hues of blue and green, these Labradorite Crystals are perfect for the home, office or sacred space! Labradorite helps to purify the energy of your space, bringing in the energy of light. Having Labradorite crystals in your space creates an energetic shield that protects + enhances your vibrant aura. The confidence that labradorite inspires will strengthen your personal energy supply. It helps you to unfold your true-life purpose and uncover your destiny.

Comes in 1 sizes:

Around: 40-50mm