Ena Ethelberg


Sea Urchin Valerie

Image of Sea Urchin Valerie

These Sea Urchin mobiles have there own story. I saw the colourful sea urchins shells in a shop in New Zealand, immediately I felt in love with there colours and shape - i'm always amazed how nature can create all these wonders.

I bought some, and bought them back to Denmark, to create something unique. I started mixing crystals, beads and gemstones to create these unique mobiles. I tread and un tread each of them many many times, to get just the right composion and colour tones in the mobiles.

I'ts very giving to bring nature inside the house. I have my mobils hanging from the selling & in the windows around the house. When summer comes, I like bringing the mobiles outside, where I hang them down from a tree or parasol in the garden, it's very speciel when the crystal catches the sun!

My wish is, that this mobile will bring lots of joy and happiness in it's new home.

I have only made one of each, so it can be totally unique to you ❤︎!