Ena Ethelberg

kr340,00 - kr355,00

Stasia Spinning Around Bracelet

Image of Stasia Spinning Around Bracelet

Are you Feeling a bit playful and daring today, then go for the Stasia bracelet. It combines colourful gemstones and pearls for a truly unique Look. The Stasia bracelet comes in a bright or soft version where you can choose between 12 options in total, to match your style and mood.
You can easily stack this bracelet or wear it on its own.

• Choose from Gold Fill or 925S Sterling Silver chain, the star is silver pleated
• A mix of colourful gemstone, beads and beautiful crystals & Japanese Delica beads
• The Gold beads are 24 Karat Gold Plate and the Silver are Galvanized Silver.
• Adjustable from 16 - 19cm

About Gold Fill:

Gold Filled Jewellery is a far step up from gold plated Jewellery and is an economical alternative to solid Gold.
It is much more valuable than gold plated material and will last longer.

It contains 5% of solid gold whereas gold plating is only contains around 0.05%, that is 100x more gold than gold-plated! With the right care, it has a life span of about 10 to 30 years.

With care, it won’t tarnish and will not rub off or turn colours. Wearers who are sensitive to certain metals can wear Gold Filled, It is safe for most people with metal allergies.

Gold Filled is done by a process of heat bonding onto the base metal, usually copper, sterling silver or brass.

With Love by Ena Ethelberg Denmark ❤