About us

Ena Ethelberg

About us

Welcome to Ena Ethelberg: Jewellery made by hand straight from the heart. 

I help women, to strengthening your inner power by wearing and surrounding you with beautiful pearls, healing gemstones, crystals & symbols Jewellery. 

The art of creation has been a life-long passion for me and every piece of jewellery and other designs is carefully designed and crafted in my workshop. I live west of Copenhagen, along the beautiful coastline, with my New Zealander husband, our two children, and our adorable dog, Goldie. 

My jewellery is based on nature and its beautiful ever-changing character. I like following the latest trends, and convert it into my own style of Jewellery by love playing around with colours, different types of material, and combining the raw and powerful side of nature with its soft and feminine touches. This creates unique jewellery. 

Each piece of jewellery is handmade and centred on stunning natural materials, such as pearls, gemstones, crystals, and beads. Sourcing the best materials from all over the world. 

From Portobello Road to Japan – and the rest of the world 

I started out selling my designs at the Portobello Road market and eventually branched out into shops in the area. From this base, I sold to tourists, celebrities, shoppers from around the world. 

I’ve spent the past 17 years living abroad and selling my designs to designer shops in London, Japan, and Denmark. 

Before I started my own company, I worked for Designers such as Clements Ribeiro, Caramel Baby and Child, and Joseph in London, where I often helped style celebrities. I’ve also been an intern with Donna Karan and Nicole Miller in New York, and designed a Jewellery collection for Blossom Jewels. 

Personal jewellery and unique creations

Nowadays, I enjoy diving into each and every piece of jewellery to create something unique, shaped by my Scandinavian background and my experiences from around the world. 

I also have a great passion for finding finished  Jewellery pieces that compliment my own creations and fits well together with my style of Jewellery - you will be able to find a few on this page.

I love being in touch with customers from all over the world and for that reason, I think opening my own webshop is an amazing platform for my designs. It allows me to have direct contact with customers, provide a direct service, and keep the quality high the prices low as there aren’t a bunch of costly steps along the selling process. 

I offer my customers personalised jewellery in various sizes, with a large selection in terms of style and material – at an affordable price, no less. I think everyone should have the chance to experience the joy that a special piece of jewellery can give you. 

Seeing my designs travel around the world and create joy wherever it goes means everything to me, and I will always do my best to make sure you have an unforgettable experience when buying jewellery from me. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love to hear from you! 

Ena Ethelberg – making conscious women across the globe stand out and feel even more beautiful and unique!