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Energi Bar Necklace

Image of Energi Bar Necklace

Energy Bar necklace.

Here I have designed the combination of a cool bar necklace and giving gemstones, which you can benefits from everyday.

I have described the individual Gemstones benefits underneath.

Choose from 4 gemstone: Rosa Quartz, Tiger Eye, Aquamarine & Black Onyx.
Further down you can read about each stones benefits.

• Adjustable from 42 - 45 cm
• 14K Gold Fill, choose between chunky or fine chain
• Pendant: 20mm x 15mm

❤︎ Comes in an Ena Ethelberg Gift Box.

Gemstone Benefits from wearing the necklace:


♥ Joy of life ♥ Also called the freedom stone. Good for health, happiness and love ♥ Promotes joy, courage, laughter and healing and breaks down self-destructive thoughts ♥ The symbol of life joy, hope and optimism ♥ Self Worth ♥ Good for skin diseases, allergies, headaches and digestive problems ♥ Inner power strength ♥

Rose quartz:

♥Rosa quartz is the love stone over them all ♥ It gives a divine energy of love and harmony, creates stability and calming ♥ It absorbs negative energies and gives you peace and help to forgive ♥ It teaches us forgiveness, security and strengthens love ♥.
Loving oneself and the surroundings as we are ♥ It is said to pick up radiation from mobile phones, TVs and computers and convert these into positive energy.

Tiger eye:

♥Tiger’s Eye crystal properties helps you stay grounded and centered, even if you're surrounded by chaos♥ When you want to step into your personal power and overcome emotional blocks, Tiger’s Eye is your crystal ally♥ It's a stone of protection♥ Tiger Eye may also bring good luck to the wearer♥ It has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity and assisting us to resolve problems.

Black Onyx:

♥Black onyx is ultimately known to be a protective stone♥ Even the deepest and darkest fears, the Black Onyx relieves, calms, and frees the mind and the body from this negative entity♥It's a stone that provides lots of energy, strength and discipline, it aids one in achieving and "grinding" out their goals and stimulates good decision making.


♥Amethyst is considered the most powerful and protective stone♥It is a semiprecious violet stone that is often used in jewelry and for healing purposes♥It has stunning colors and have an ability to stimulate the mind and emotions♥Use Amethyst as an energy tool when you feel stressed, depressed or mentally blocked and tired♥
It is said to heal emotional and psychological pain: Some cultures believe that Amethyst vibrates with energies that remind us to treat our body and soul as our sacred temple; which it is. And when you do, you will experience greater self-confidence and strengthen your belief in yourself.

About Gold Fill

Gold Filled Jewellery is a far step up from gold plated Jewellery and is an economical alternative to solid Gold. It contains 5% of solid gold, whereas gold plating is only contains around 0.05%, that is 100x more gold than gold-plated. It is much more valuable than gold plated material and will last for years when taken proper care.

With Love by Ena Ethelberg Denmark ❤