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Rutile Quartz - Willpower ❤. Stunning Raw Gemstone Necklace

Image of Rutile Quartz - Willpower ❤. Stunning Raw Gemstone Necklace

Try the feeling of wearing a beautiful Raw Gemstone and it's lovely Energi.
A unik feel where each Gemstone is one of a kind, all with unique shapes.

This necklace is handcrafted from gorgeous TOP quality Gemstone.

Connect with the Gemstone, set your intention and you will have a faithful amulet and energi with you through the day.

Read more about what this Gemstone can support you with, under 'Benefit' further down.

The beautiful necklace comes in 3 length options and is available in Sterling Silver and Gold Filled.


• Length options: 38cm - 41cm - 50cm
• 14K Gold Fill or S925 Sterling Silver
• Gemstone size varies up to 15x8mm


Benefit from wearing a Rutile Quartz necklace

❤︎ This beautiful crystal is good for giving willpower and motivation. It clears negative energy and blockages in all your chakras and will help you move forward.

❤︎ The crystal's vibration exudes something big, but is calm at the same time.
It shows the way for your spiritual awakening and provides contact with the divine world. A perfect crystal to connect to the universe and manifest your desire and dreams.

❤︎ It is also a good crystal when you making important decisions. Next time you’re about to give a presentation, wear Rutile Quartz to help you breathe deep and put your best foot forward.

About Gold Fill

Gold Filled Jewellery is a far step up from gold plated Jewellery and is an economical alternative to solid Gold. It contains 5% of solid gold, whereas gold plating is only contains around 0.05%, that is 100x more gold than gold-plated. It is much more valuable than gold plated material and will last for years when taken proper care.

With Love by Ena Ethelberg Denmark ❤